What is an ad network?

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Understanding of ad network and its pursuits

An advertising company that runs an ad server is called an ad network. It aggregates the advertiser demands with the publisher ad space and distributes the advertisement online. The online ad network publishes the advertisements by using an ad server and enables targeting models, ad traffic monitoring, and reporting. The advertisement is published by matching the criteria like targeting requirements, ad categories, ad specifications, and pricing models of the advertiser.

What does an ad network do?

The ad network performs the following duties,

Ad linking: 

An ad network conducts an auction process by sending the ad request to advertisers present in the ad server and collects the ad response from advertisers. The ad responses are matched with the publisher requirements and selected for the ad publishing.

Ad trafficking: 

The ad traffic is created by delivering the relevant advertisements on the internet based on the targeting methods.

Ad tracking: 

An ad network tracks the progress of advertisement and generates a detailed report on the impressions, clicks, and leads.

Revenue management: 

The ad network monitors the payment made by the advertiser and revenue earned by the publisher.

Performance tracking: 

The ad network tracks the performance of the each publisher and helps to improve the progress of it.

Statistical reporting: 

The ad network can handle all ad operations and report the progress of advertisements in statistical data.

End-user targeting: 

An ad network targets required categories of the audience and publishes the right advertisement to each visitor.

Ad customization: 

An ad network allows the advertisers to create customized advertisements using available ad formats.