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In layman terms blockchain is nothing but a distributed database; a peer to peer network that does not require any intermediaries to authenticate transactions. By using state of the art cryptography to conceal the identity of parties on both sides of the transaction and the transaction data is recorded in a block and cannot be changed or falsified.

Think of it like a common spreadsheet that is accessible on millions of computers. It is an immutable distributed database of digital assets. The application of this technology is limitless; not just the finance sector but across all aspects of tech society.

With the success of the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” which is built on the blockchain technology, it is undeniable that blockchain is going to be the future in the tech industry.

dJAX has years of experience under its belt in delivering data solutions in blockchain related technologies and digital advertising technology. Our service includes helping customers define product specifications, custom white label solution development, expert consultation and intervention, designing UI & UX design, integrating applications, QA, deploying the product to a hybrid cloud environment, and continued free/paid support.

Blockchain for digital advertising

Digital advertising is the go to solution for marketers in this day and age of the internet. This industry is so huge churning out an estimated $85 billion in the previous year itself. It still continues to grow in leaps and bounds as the online market place is going through a rapid phase of evolution. With new breakthrough each day, marketers strive to be the first to capitalize on it. However there are few flaws that taunt the industry like infringement of privacy, data security and increasing fraudulent impression and click rates.Blockchain is one such ground breaking technology that proves to be a issue resolver in all these cases. Here’s what blockchain brings to the table

  • Shared or distributed ledger in forms of blocks
  • Highly potent in terms of data security
  • With the concept of encryption achieved through cryptography privacy is no longer an issue
  • Bringing its immutable attribute along, it reduces the fraud click and impression rate to a considerable extent
  • In-line with the IAB standards and guidelines makes digital advertising platform scalability and integration seamless

Middle man elimination

When the middlemen are extinct the process becomes less complex and inexpensive. If 2% is the transaction fee, it seems negligible. But imagine a 10 step supply chain; this adds up to 20%. By eliminating the middlemen, one can save a load of cost and time. These kinds of transactions are happening in the economy right now and bringing it down.

But the introduction of blockchain changes all that. With the middlemen eliminated and decentralization becoming a practical possibility, it could have a huge impact on the marketing industry. When digital advertising is taken into consideration blockchain provides support to formation of much more complex value networks that takes digital advertising security to a whole new level. Add in the possibility of encrypting your identity and you have one sweet, virtually impenetrable and secure platform in advertising flow. This in-turn takes transparency to another level. Advertisers or marketers and publishers enjoy higher level of security an scalability. Data management being the driving force in advertising, making tracking and targeting much simpler than it is today.