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Manager the entire digital ad business, inclusive of the ability to connect with other technological solutions through Ad Manager 360 API designed by dJAX. The API delivers control, connectivity and customization. Employ the API to fill the gaps between data, an ideal API to make business more effective and efficient. The capability of the API allows publishers to build applications that assist in their direct interaction with the platform accounts; publishers can find a ton of effective ways to use the API for enhanced operations. Publishers can automate common workflows with the API by dJAX so that they can save time and resource and there will be no need for manual time and effort. Use the API to optimize inventory based on the most up-to-date data, increase efficiency and get the most out of the ads that are served.

Why choose Google Ad Manager 360 API by dJAX

Automate Data Pulls

Automate Data Pulls

With the Ad Manager 360 API from dJAX, publishers can run reports that return a machine-readable data file. Write an application that fetches the network’s reporting data, and then feed that data into any analytics tools business use for up-to-date and actionable insights. Many publishers out there have built reporting applications that run on a regular schedule therefore the data pipeline always has the most recent data.     

Optimize Ad Offerings

Optimize Ad Offerings

Key-values can give you more control over how ads are configured on the site. It can be used to identify pages, specific parts of a page, or other ad inventory. In order to report on key-values, each key-value must be added to the Ad Manager network and be marked as reportable. Using the API to keep these key-values updated can save a lot of time over entering them all manually.

Inventory Experiments & Forecasts

Inventory Experiments & Forecasts

Monitoring the performance of past creatives are only half done on the optimizing perspective. With the Ad Manager API from dJAX, evaluate future performance by running forecasts on existing and hypothetical line items. For example, run forecast simulations on a number of different line items that serve on different days and with different targeting configurations to compare how they stack up against each other.

Snapshot ad network

Snapshot Ad Network

Sometimes it’s useful to have a local snapshot of the network’s orders, line items, etc. Snapshots are very effective for quicker analyses since can keep data where analytics are running, whether that’s on in-house servers or in the cloud. Use the API to fetch only the most recently updated entities so that your snapshot stays as fresh as you need it.

Custom interface

Custom Interface

An internal process that can be streamlined with a custom user interface or intelligence and analytics that can be sold to others. The Ad Manager 360 API from dJAX can connect own network data or the data from other networks that grant application access to a custom interface. The API offers read and write access to just about any entity you can access in the Ad Manager dashboard, giving you a range of configuration possibilities.

Features - Google Ad manager 360 API by dJAX

Ad Format Impact

Delight with every ad format. Users have access to more content in more places than ever before. Ad Manager 360 API helps in delivering immersive ad experiences across any device or platform that user and advertisers alike. Interruptive ad experiences are a thing of the past. Embrace the future and deliver ads that match site’s look, feel, and function with customizable native ads. See them in action. Ad Manager 360 API brings the scale and impact of data-driven, programmatic ad buying to every format. Deliver effective, engaging ad experiences to users across all screens with a wide variety of innovative ad formats, such as out-stream videos, rewarded ads, and more.

Revenue control

Whether news, episodic content or develop mobile games, our Ad Manager 360 API can help monetize video wherever people are watching. Make the most from every impression with a variety of video ad formats, including in-stream, out-stream, vertical, and rewarded video. Bring high-performing YouTube formats like bumpers and TrueView to your sites and apps for additional reach.

  • Best of digital TV. All the impact of digital, now in the seamless, lean-back experience of TV. Effortlessly monetize premium video content across digital, over-the-top, and linear streams.
  • Measure up Ads.Access new signals and viewability metrics from streaming devices to effectively measure ads. Rich video insights help optimize ad strategy with a holistic view of all audiences.
  • Bring it together.Manage direct reservations and programmatic sales using one, a unified workflow that follows business rules and protects the audience’s experiences everywhere.

Data to insights

Make the most of every impression. Earn the most revenue for your ads. Our API gives you the tools that are required to take control of inventory, all from one platform. Gain more control, add value to inventory, and lock in revenue with direct-booked campaigns or Programmatic Guaranteed

  • Improve the customer experience. Revenue shouldn’t come at the expense of user experience. Manage all demand sources from one place on one tag and easily maximize competition for inventory without compromising the speed or security of your site.
  • Power of programmatic.From reservations to open auctions, our API uses data-driven insights and automation to help capture advertising revenue more efficiently across all of the inventory.
  • Optimize ads, automatically.Use Google’s machine learning expertise to grow advertising revenue and automatically optimize every impression without the need for an in-house data scientist.

Brand Protection

Better data tools. Smarter decisions. Get the tools that turn raw data into powerful insights. Our API’s powerful analytics and proactive advertising insights can help make smarter decisions. Get actionable insights delivered straight to the dashboard. From performance benchmarks to revenue growth opportunities, our intelligent algorithms work hard, so you don’t have to. See the big picture to make smarter decisions. Connect your data with integrated tools, including Google Analytics, Data Studio, and BigQuery. Know exactly what ad inventory is available and how to maximize sales across devices with next-generation forecasting capabilities. Segment and report on both past and future performance in powerful ways with the Query tool.

Video creative

Protect site or app with strong advertising policies, publisher controls, and comprehensive ad reviews. Our powerful processes and proprietary technology help you manage the ads that are required to keep the brand safe. Get access to 30+ controls to choose the types of ads that should appear on site or app. Get protection against unsuitable ads and invalid activity. We’re also strong supporters of industry initiatives like IAB Tech Lab’s Ads.txt, Better Ads Standards, and others to create a safer web for all. Review ad creatives, allow or block ads from appearing, and report any inappropriate ads all from one, easy-to-use platform.

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