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dJAX Affiliate Adserver is designed not just to run an independent ad network but also enables the product owner to offer subscriptions to N number of business units who wants to run their independent ad network on a subscription basis. In this way, product owner earns multiple revenue and a subscriber pays only the subscription fee and not the whole product cost. It is integrated with minimal targeting features to have maximum visitors as the main focus of this package is to track Cost Per Action (CPA).

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  • Network Management

    To manage self & subscribers

    Helps the product owner to self manage his/her ad network for all the day to day activities and to manage all the subscribers ad network. To site a few we have Package management, Payment management, Menu management, Page management, etc.

  • Ad optimization

    To control ad delivery

    Using this technique you can have a complete control over ad delivery in terms of targeting only specific/relevant users, monetizing traffic, and so on. This will benefit in reducing any wastage on Ad spend and to improvise your revenue.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Pick only conversions

    dJAX Affiliate Adserver is designed to track only conversions (CPA) and not any impressions or clicks as it is focussed mainly on the users who would give a sale for the advertiser.

  • Account Manager

    To assign account Managers

    Affiliate Adserver is equipped with a unique feature wherein an admin can split his/her roles into multiple sections and can assign it to Managers who will be taking care of their individual account/roles which would benefit in having a complete clarity/tracking on each and every part of the ad network.

  • Monitoring and planning

    Plan and review Ad networks

    This is a unique feature wherein we have both the product owner and the subscribers have the complete control over their respective networks which in turn will help them to manage and plan the activities in their ad networks independently.

  • Dynamic Alert System

    On time communication

    This product is equipped with a dynamic alert system which will help in prompting both advertisers and publishers on the happenings within the network. This in addition gives them an opportunity to take decisions based on the market in a real time scenario and also acts as an instant communicator within the ad network.

Increased profits by adding online advertising business along with your media enterprise

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Why Choose this

  • One Time Cost.
  • Helps the product owner to self manage his/her ad network.
  • Supports Multi admin concepts
  • Efficient ad campaigning and reporting.
  • Precise targeting and supports various ad formats.

Ad formats

Supports various ad formats like display, mobile,video, game etc.

dJAX Affiliate Adserver

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