What is an adserver?

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Understanding of ad server and its pursuits

Ad serving is one of the Advertising technology (ad tech) and it is a web-based used by ad networks or agencies to run ad campaigns. Ad servers give permission to deliver advertising in many different ways; there are digital platforms, websites, social media, and more than mobile applications. Nowadays ad servers allow many software to optimize campaigns with serving ads. To Get campaign scheduling features, use ad servers, and also can increase your delivery Speed via an ad server. Ad server serving advertisements in ad slots when users visit a web page or any applications; those ads are like creative graphics.

What does an ad server mean?

A technology used by an advertiser, publisher or an ad agency to store, manage, and distribute the advertisements in desktop and mobile website and application is called an ad server. The ad server allows the advertisers to upload various ad creatives and to optimize the campaign by adding targeting parameters and additional functionalities. The publisher can add and manage multiple ad zones and would earn revenue for every impression, click, and lead made on the advertisement

What does an ad server do?

The common functionalities of ad server are,

  • An ad server provides end to end data on where the ad is delivered, which advertiser ad is delivered and to which publisher website or ad network the ad has been delivered.

  • It maintains the statistical reports for the impressions, clicks, and conversions of the advertisement.

  • The ad server provides the data on the payment made by the advertiser and the revenue earned by the publisher.

Campaign Maintenance: 
  • A campaign is storage of unit of one or more advertisements. An advertiser maintains the ad campaign by defining the pricing model (CPM, CPC, or CPA) for the ad delivery and based on the pricing model the advertiser will make payment for the advertisement.

  • The ad server monitors the ad campaign and generates the real-time reports for the performance of the campaign.

  • An ad campaign is optimized through advanced functionalities like frequency capping, targeting methods, and budget maintenance.

Ad tag maintenance: 
  • An ad tag is a small piece of HTML or JavaScript code used by the publisher to deliver the advertisement online.

  • An ad tag is differentiated as image ad tag, iframe tags, JavaScript ad tags, and etc. The publisher can select the suitable ad tag and place the invocation code on the website.

  • An ad server monitors the ad tag once it has been delivered.

Statistical reports: 
  • Ad server maintains separate statistical report for each user with breakdowns.

  • The graphical reports are generated for the advertiser, campaign, ad banner, publisher, site, ad zone, and advertiser payment and publisher revenue.

Feature enhancement of an ad server 
  • An ad server can be improvised by integrating third-party ad exchanges through RTB.

  • The ad exchange will increase the revenue of publisher and provide better sales growth to the advertiser.

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