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dJAX Mobile Ad Server is an ad serving solution that accomplishes buying and selling of digital ad inventory specifically for Mobile Publishers and Advertisers, supported with Real Time Bidding and Precise Targeting that ensures maximum revenue generation. It supports all types of Ad Formats and deliver these on both mobile Web pages and Applications (in iOS & Android). It delivers ads in IAB standard ad sizes and adaptive to all types of mobile screen sizes.

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  • Mobile Device Targeting

    To reach the apt mob device

    Target audience by mobile devices which include iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Feature Phone. Next level of target is with specific to handset device screen size, operation system, manufacturer, model name, etc.

  • Tablet Banner Support

    To run ads in Tabs

    Serves as a multipurpose product as it delivers ads not only in mobile web pages and apps but also in tablets which is equipped with IAB standard ad formats. Integrated with all the features available for mobile ad delivery.

  • Telco Targeting

    To handpick telecom operator

    Target audience by telecom operator helps advertisers to target their ads based on a telecom verticals which would benefit them to increase the engagement rate. This targeting feature works based on the given IP value.

  • Multi Lingual & Multi Currency

    Opt for any Language any Currency

    dJAX Mobile Adserver is equipped with multi lingual and multi currency support wherein user can select their specific language or currency type to customize their need and so it creates a complete user friendly / understandable environment.

  • Mobile APP SDK

    To run ads in Apps

    Helps in delivering ads in mobile applications and adheres to IAB standard ad formats. Integrated with unique features like cross app unique user detection, auto ad refresh, and so on.

  • Accurate Mobile Device Detection Library

    Looks in for right device

    During banner delivery, this Mobile Adserver is designed technically to reach the right mobile devices which in turn will help you to reach only the potential customers to maximise your revenue. It helps to avoid disturbing irrelevant audience and to reach the right audience.

In-apps or mobile web, your ads on mobile screens. Advertisers bid and earn. Publishers auction and earn.

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Why Choose this

  • One Time Cost.
  • Ensures Precise Targeting like Mobile Device and TelCo targeting.
  • Supports Mobile App SDK - Ads in Apps
  • Supports Tablet Banner - Ads in Tabs
  • Supports various Ad Formats.

Ad formats

Supports various ad formats for mobile like IAB rising star, IAB MRAID , image, text, html.

dJAX Mobile Ad Server

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