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dJAX Ad Server for Agencies is an ad serving solution for an advertising agency to set up its own Ad Network. dJAX Ad server enables all the users in the network, the admin, the publishers and the advertisers to simplify their ad operations, helps them to communicate with one another and manage, serve and report on their digital ad campaigns of all formats in real time. It's well designed targeting feature takes the ads to the right people at the right place on the right time.

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  • Geo Targeting

    To reach anywhere in the globe

    Helps the advertisers to target consumers based on their geo locations such as country, regions, city, postal code, IP address etc. by delivering the appropriate ads.

  • Behavioural Targeting

    Reach visitors based on activities

    Categorizes the users according to surfing behaviour, ad interactions and search activities. Uses a profile of prior behavior to determine which ad to be shown during a given visit. For example, targeting car ads on a portal to a visitor who was known to have visited the automotive section of a general media site.

  • Demographic Targeting

    To reach your best fit

    To target the customers based on their age, gender, and profile. For example, targeting movie related ads to the male users with age group between 15 and 30.

  • Audience Targeting

    To reach your specific audience

    Helps in identifying the best consumers for a specific ad or campaign and can be used to effectively reach sales, acquisition and branding goals. Advertisers can efficiently reach the right audience with right message at the right time. Consumers are benefited in getting more relevant Ads.

  • Real Time Bidding

    To makes more revenue with less bid rate

    RTB is an online advertising optimization technologies aimed to increase the value of ad impressions by targeting users dynamically.

  • Frequency Capping

    To protect your ads

    Helps the advertisers to improve the performance and reach of their online advertising campaigns. In short, Frequency capping allows the advertisers to limit the number of times a visitor seeks a specific ad, resulting in increased return to the advertiser for every ads.

Make the most of advertising on web pages, easily and efficiently.

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Why Choose this

  • One Time Cost.
  • Organized Admin platform
  • Efficient ad campaigning and reporting.
  • Real time Bidding for higher traffic
  • Precise targeting.

Ad formats

Supports various ad formats like display, mobile,video, game etc.

dJAX Adserver for Agencies

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