• Supply-Side Platform
    Optimized technology to maximize ad revenue
    An advanced Supply Side Platform providing a fast and efficient experience to publishers in monetizing their digital inventory.
    Publishers can easily pitch their offers to a great number of advertisers.


dJAX SSP adheres to the OpenRTB standards and introduces the Cost per impression (CPM). This has given a whole new outlook to the way to buying and selling digital inventory. RTB auctions are faster, more efficient and comparatively cost effective on both sides of programmatic. From App developers to website and blog owners could be a part of the RTB ecosystem. dJAX SSP enables publishers monetize their digital inventory. They can also choose the ad format and size that are suitable for their viewers, manage their revenue by defining bid floors and send out ad inventory offers to a number of demand sources.


QPS control

Admin and the individual DSPs can control requested QPS for each DSP

Open RTB

dJAX SSP follows an IAB standard OpenRTB digital advertising protocol


Admin, DSPs and publishers having various breakdowns reports


Cache & data compression for high performance in the bidding process

Invoice system

Most efficient invoice management system for publishers and DSP’s


PayPal, wire transfer and other payment methods can be added

dJAX SSP Workflow

  • 1. The end user visits the publisher site and an invocation code requests the SSP to deliver the ad.
  • 2. dJAX SSP generates OpenRTB request based on publisher info and sends request to the connected DSPs.
  • 3. All DSPs must send a response with the maximum response time of 120 ms; if any DSP take any longer it would be ignored in the bidding process.
  • 4. A single SSP receives all DSP responses.
  • 5. DSP responses would be validated by the Google OpenRTB library and the highest bid would be considered to have won.
  • 6. SSP then sends the selected ad to the publisher and notifies the corresponding DSP simultaneously.

Publisher Benefits

  • 1. dJAX SSP can help with Real Time bidding to find the best demand partner
  • 2. Publishers enjoy maximized yield optimization
  • 3. dJAX SSP has a drill-down mechanism to view the reports in ad-block level.
  • 4. Separate report to view the hits on Geo level

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User Interface Panels

DSP panel
  • Configure server ping URL,
  • Ad-type, payment info and QPS control
  • get the request from SSP based on the need
  • Complete control on all connected
  • DSPs Publishers. Admin can set the QPS
  • for individual DSPs, payments, and reports.
  • Publisher can setup and control
  • their website Adblocks/ zones, floor
  • price ,all payment information and reports.