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dJAX Adserver

Ad Server Technology Solutions for Agencies, Publishers and Advertisers

We at dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions, develops Ad Server Software products that enables internet Publishers, Advertisers, Ad Agencies and Ad Networks to effectively run and report on their online advertising campaigns on Display, Mobile and Video platforms.

With a team of highly skilled professionals in scripting Ad Server Technology and best in class organizational setup, we aim at developing Ad Server Software that deliver the best Ad Server Solutions to meet every requirement of your online ad serving needs.

Ad Server Software with White Labeling Option: Grow Your Brand!

We have the most competitive Ad Server Software in the industry to set up your own Ad Network or to improve your existing Online Advertising business. Also our Ad Server Script can be customized to meet unique demands of your business requirements.

Ad-tech Software and Ad-tech Solution to Render All Your Ad Serving Needs

State of the art Ad-tech software offered by dJAX Adserver; providing relentless Ad-tech solution for placement of ads on display, mobile and OTT devices. Now target potential audience using Artificial Intelligence and RTB techniques to buy and sell ads.

Our Products

Display Adserver


One Solution for All your needs of Managing Ads on Web Pages.     

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Mobile Adserver


Manage and Deliver Ads on Mobile Devices - in-App and Mobile Web.

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Video Adserver


Increase brand visibility by advertising in videos on the Internet.

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Enterprise Adserver


An All-in-All Ad Server Designed Exclusively for Online Media Business.

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Our Integration Partners

Display Adserver
Mobile Adserver
Video Adserver
Mobile Adserver
Video Adserver
Display Adserver

What We offer?

Ready to go products

We have well-designed, ready-to-install Ad Server Products like Display Ad Server, Mobile Ad Server, Video Ad Server etc and pre-built solutions for Predictive Analytics, in-Game, IPTV etc.

White Labeling

dJAX adserver provide opportunity to the clients to leverage white label ad server solution to maximize your business ROI and improve your brand reachability.

Apps and SDK

  • Multiple ad formats. Support for interstitial ads and standard IAB/MMA banner inventory.
  • Rich media ads. Support for click-to-action, Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface (MRAID), Celtra, and HTML5 ad units.
  • Customization. Target multiple screen sizes and display orientations and include custom ad parameters using key-value pairs.
  • Developer tools. Configuration of Event listeners and Real Time instant messages from Ad Server.
  • Controlling CPMs/ Setting prices
  • Selling inventory to established brands and buyers
  • Discretionary powers to choose the right partners
  • Maintaining direct buyer relationships

Ad exchanges

Ad Exchange is a user-friendly platform where Publishers and Advertisers meet to sell and buy the web space respectively to deliver the online advertising inventory. Ad exchanges allows Publishers auction their web spaces and advertisers buy the ad spaces and display Ads in Real Time ensuring best place and the best reach or an ad campaign.


We provide a well-written, easy to follow manuals and documenting with every ad serving product. Also, our support team is at your service to help you through with queries.

Advertising platform software and script

The ad server software manages the advertiser’s ads in a unified platform and initializes audience targeting to reach suitable customers on the internet. The dynamic ad server scripts will provide instant statistical reports and alert the campaign performance in particular user login. The payment and revenue data are reported in real time and offer user-friendly ad operations.

Real Time Bidding

The programmatic advertising platform enables automated media buying and selling through real time bidding process. The third party ad networks and ad exchange in the platform will publish the advertiser’s ads across various websites and applications for improved revenue.

What We offer?
Success Your Business

Strategic business solutions

  • Automate your Ad serving

    Enhance your business reach by choosing right solution that delivers ads at the right time to the right people. Make sure your return on investment (ROI) is at its optimal level with programmatic ad serving solutions by dJAX
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  • New age digital advertising solutions

    In-line with the IAB guidelines and constant updates with the latest tech innovation dJAX provides solution for all advertiser, publisher and ad exchange needs. Revel in premium ad serving products, services and support on offer.
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