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Google Data Studio connector by dJAX, advanced integration with all the data sources in the industry for better reports, insights and visualization of data. The Connector makes it easy to access all data directly from the Google Data Studio. Invaluable data from all the ad accounts and Google Analytics that have been connected with dJAX Connector is available, and it is combined with the same dimensions. Data Integration for Google Data Studio, the connector offered by dJAX paves one of the easiest ways for integrating imperative data from all the sources. The setting up process is simple and effective making the data handling easier. The ease of integration makes data invaluable in the data-driven ecosystem.

Get all the imperative data directly into Google Data Studio with a single efficient connector. How to do it?
  • A new Data Source; Select Google Data Studio as a passive destination in dJAX data connection.
  • Add & authorize; with the login credentials establish a connection with Google Data Studio.
  • Visualize data; Data will be available automatically- options to chance scheduling preference.

Data Studio Connector - Highlights

Integrate Data from Multiple sources

Integrate Data From Multiple Sources

Combine data from multiple platforms into a single table or chart. When connecting a data source for each individual platform in Data Studio, you’re unable to use multiple data sources in the same widget. Since dJAX Connector connects to all platforms under a single data source, this becomes possible.     

Custom data grouping

Custom Data Grouping

A great way to make meaningful groups of data, instead of reporting on Google Analytics data separately. Create simple rules to combine this with platform data. Group data from multiple ad platforms such as all social campaigns. This data can then be displayed in Data Studio in a single widget.

Custom Metrics

Custom Metrics

All valid metrics will be sent automatically to Data Studio. Define custom metrics prior to exporting to Data Studio. Calculating ROI or adding agency fees to marketing cost has never been simpler.

Integrate Adtech Platform

Integrate Adtech Platform

Integrate with all advertising platforms; easily get all the data that is required into Google Data Studio dashboard. Out of the box integrations to over 200 advertising platforms. Designed and developed to add any ad platform that is not yet supported.

Connector combined insights

Connector Combined Insights

Integrated with more data sources than all the other connectors combined. Get all advertising data through a single connector - save you time and improve focus on analyzing the data instead of configuring and maintaining several connectors with different export rules and data models.

Update data pushing

Update Data Pushing

Forget about manually pushing data to Data Studio. dJAX saves you time and effort by automatically pushing data to Google Data Studio and keeping dashboards up to date.

Google Data Studio Connector


Data Studio reports are a collection of underlying data, data acts as joints in the process. Each source has a unique, pre-built to ensure your data is easy to access and use. Integrate numerous data sources and enhance data handling and operation in the industry. Ideal visualization of connected data sources with imperative metrics to monitor regularly. Integrate data sources with ease with customized options for elevating standards.

Create a real-time dashboard to monitor and measure the success of your campaigns, optimize your advertising efforts, and make smarter marketing decisions.
Easily build a Google Analytics dashboard to monitor the performance of the website, mobile app, or internet-connected device.
Connect and access years of data for each of accounts and data sources. Secure APIs provide data that is dynamically updated each time the report is accessed or refreshed.
Build a custom BigQuery dashboard within Data Studio to monitor data from a big data warehouse or to visualize your key business metrics in real-time.
With Data Studio, build a custom Google Sheets dashboard to manage spreadsheet and CSV data.

Data Transformation

Raw data, it often needs to be transformed into more complete and meaningful information. Data Studio turns data’s dimensions and metrics into powerful building blocks for charts and graphs. It can make a huge impact on real-time decision making and allow for changes to be done for better results. All connected data sources deliver better insights. dJAX abets in simple and effective integration of data sources with a dashboard.

Use powerful solutions to create new metrics or dimensions based on custom formulas. Formulas can include fields from the data source, literal text, and numeric values. Apply arithmetic, logical, comparison, unary and binary operators, as well as more sophisticated functions.
Get insights from data quickly, without needing to know or write SQL queries. Data Studio now has a dedicated space for fast, ad-hoc querying where you can explore a data table visually with just one click.
Data Studio provides dozens of mathematical, string, date, and other functions to transform data into more useful values. Use these functions individually or combine them with other functions and operators to create sophisticated calculated fields.

Visualize Data

Whether making changes to an existing report or starting from scratch, Data Studio offers visualization and customization solutions that help engage and persuade with an engaging data story. Data integrated with proper metrics will have a clear visualization when viewed that assists in handling queries related to that particular data and its metrics. Create detailed reports or high-level dashboards, Data Studio has the tools you need to easily bring your data analysis together, create compelling visualizations, and share insights with your team.

Effectively and quickly give viewers a way to select the data they want to see in a report from multiple sources — including Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console, YouTube, and Campaign Manager — eliminating the need to create a separate report for various account views.
Customize every aspect of reports and dashboards. Add logos and icons; change the background, fill, line, and text colours; and choose from an array of fonts, line styles, and object properties to make data come to life. And once that works, it’s easy to make it a reusable, sharable template.
Insert dynamic controls to allow viewers to dynamically change the data presented, including date ranges and dimension filters like geography, segment, or channel.
Choose from a broad array of charts, graphs, pivot tables and visualizations to bring your data to life. These include time series, bar charts, pie charts, tables, heat maps, geo maps, scorecards, scatter charts, bullet charts, and area charts. Each visualization has built-in comparison functions, making it easy to see changes in the data period over period.
Easily add shapes, images, and text to reports and dashboards to make them easier to read and highlight important aspects of the data.

Democratize Data

Democratize data and tap into the collective wisdom of team by sharing and collaborating on all your Data Studio reports and dashboards. Share and collaborate with all the integrated data sources and make it effective during the reporting process for effective management. Visualized data can be of great assistance in making marketing decisions.

Data Studio, which means you get to decide who gets access to reports. Manage access by granting individuals or groups, inside and outside the company, the right to edit or view with just a few clicks.
Work on a single report with a team of people outside an organization. Invite to edit and collaborate on dashboards and reports in real-time. See edits as they happen and have all changes automatically saved.


Designed with a casual user in mind, but with so many easy-to-use features, seasoned analytics teams are sure to love it, too. Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and engaging reports that inspire smarter business decisions. Easily connect your data from spreadsheets, Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery and more. Arm people with the knowledge of key metrics by sharing automated data dashboards that update regularly, so they can focus more on what matters.

Decide who gets access to Data Studio. Leveraging Google Drive technology, you can easily manage all of the users and their level of access — grant individuals or groups the right to create, edit, or view.
Data and reporting solutions find that Data Studio to be intuitive and easy to use. The report editor features simple drag-and-drop objects with full custom property panels and a snap-to-grid canvas.
With a library of report templates to choose from, be up and running in minutes. Simply connect data sources and customize the design and style to match your needs.

Benefits Of Using Connector

Reports_and_insights Reports and Insights

Create holistic reports and get meaningful insights. Connect cross-channel campaign data for deeper insights into marketing and sales performance. Stop logging into different platforms and manually crunching data.     

data_integration Data Integration

Automated data integration, powerful transformation engine, for all sources. Uncover powerful new insights into their marketing performance.

Centralized_data_hub Centralized Data Hub

Centralized data creates a single source of truth for the entire organization.

Quality data Quality Data

Integrate with all advertising platforms; easily get all the data that is required into Google Data Studio dashboard. Out of the box integrations to over 200 advertising platforms. Designed and developed to add any ad platform that is not yet supported.

Better_Productivity Better Productivity

No more manual data wrangling, less demand on your teams. This will skyrocket your productivity.

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