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dJAX display, video, and mobile ad server is an ad serving platform for individual users or ad agencies to set up an independent ad network and to run an online advertising business. The ad server is featured with cross-platform support to manage and deliver the display, mobile and video ads on desktop and mobile devices. The platform is integrated with a template engine, Delivery capping, and real-time bidding to generate maximum yields.

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  • Inventory Reporting

    The admin can view the inventory reports on house ads, network users, network advertiser, and publishers.

  • Bulk Banner /Campaign / Zone Uploads

    The Admin can bulk upload the Banner, Campaign for advertiser and bulk upload the zone for Publisher using CSV file format.

  • Security Management System

    The security management system prevents the fraudulent clicks made by hackers or anonymous and protects the publisher website and avoids unnecessary payment of advertiser. The user can customize the option to detect the fraud clicks.

  • VAST / VPAID for Video Ads

    VAST 3.0 Specification for Video ads has two new events called skip and progress to skip or continue the ad. Video Ad Pod: Ad Pods is a set of sequential linear ads that are played before, during and after the original video content. The video ad pots function like a TV commercial break with multiple ad spots.

  • Inventory and Revenue Management

    The platform allows the advertiser and publisher to manage the inventories, campaign, creative, website, and zones. The admin has the privilege to handle the unavailability of advertiser ads with the house ads option. The publishers have an option to replace the no matching ads with passback tags. The publisher invoice is generated every month with minimum invoice amount. The advertiser and publisher can manage a separate account and admin can handle creatives and invoice payments.

  • Cross platform Support

    The package supports IAB standard ad formats display, Mobile, Mobile APP, and Video. The advertiser can distribute the ads in multiple platforms and enhance their business. The publishers can get increased requests from advertisers and earn more revenue.

  • White label Solution

    The ad server has White label option to add customizable domain name, package name and Logo.

  • REST API support

    The rest API support provides access to inventory and reports in the platform by an authenticated user using the formats of XML, CSV, JSON, and PHP Array.

  • Revenue Reporting

    The platform provides the report on the amount shared by admin to publisher, the amount spent by advertiser, admin revenue, and publisher income. The invoice is generated periodically for publisher earnings.

  • Unique Click detection

    The package can track the unique clicks and impressions made on the advertisement and display the count in advertiser, campaign and creative reports and in dashboard of admin login. Advertiser can view the total number of unique impression and click and their currency date in dashboard section.

  • Mobile Ad formats / Device support:

    Mobile ad formats deliver the ads in Android / iOS / Windows / PhoneGap/Cordova/Ionic Framework/JavaScript/HTML5 Apps through dJAX Mobile SDK. It delivers IAB standard image and text ads. The supported mobile ad formats are,

    • IAB Rising Star:Full page Flex, Adhesion, Pull, Slider, Filmstrip in Apps.
    • APP support:Prestitial, Postitial, SplashScreen and In-game apps.

  • Notification / Dynamic alert System

    The admin receive the notifications for user signup, creatives, invoice, and payments.

  • Multiple Language Support

    The Admin can select the desired language for whole package user-interface including Admin/Advertiser/Publisher panel.

  • Manual and Auto linking:

    The admin has the authority to select either manual linking or auto linking. The manual linking allows the advertiser to select the required publisher zones to deliver the ads and likewise, the publisher can select the advertiser campaign to deliver the ad. The auto linking process will automatically link the advertiser campaign with publisher zone according to their ad type and size.

  • Unique Reports for video ads

    Advertiser can view the percentage of the Video Ads played to the particular visitor. The percentage of values shown for the advertiser are, video ad started, 25% viewed, 50% viewed, 75% viewed, completed, paused, paused to play, full screen, mute, un mute.

  • Targeting Features

    The targeting options are,

      Display Targeting Features:
    • Web Browser: The ads are delivered according to the visitor browser.
    • Operating System: The advertiser can choose the selected OS to deliver the ads.
    • Time: The advertisement is delivered based on the time selected by advertiser.
    • Geographic (Country): The ads are delivered to targeted countries.
    • Frequency Capping:The advertiser can define the impression count per hour.
    • Behavioral Targeting:The ads are delivered if the campaign and website categories are matched.
    • Demographic Targeting:The ad is delivered if the values of gender, age, height, and weight are matched on the campaign and zone side.
    • IP Targeting: The advertisement is delivered within IP range.
    • Mobile Targeting Features:
    • Mobile manufactures: The advertiser can deliver the ads to selected mobile manufactures.
    • Mobile browsers: The advertisers are delivered to selected mobile browsers.
    • Mobile capability: The user can additional mobile targeting feature in admin panel and can Perform targeting in campaign level. The mobile height, width and IsWiFi model and their values are fetched from terawurfl.
    • Video Targeting Features:
    • Video: Video ads has browser, operating system, time, geographic (country), frequency capping, behavioral targeting, demographic targeting and ip targeting

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Key features

  • Configurable date Formats (We have supporting for all County standard formats )
  • RestAPI support
  • Responsive UI
  • VAST / VPAID For Video Ads
  • Fraud Detection
  • House ads
  • Passback support
  • 3rd party Ad tag delivery support
  • Theme support
  • Separate Login for Admin / Advertiser / Publisher
  • Third party Video Ads.
  • HTML 5 support tags

Ad formats

Supports various ad formats for display, mobile,video, game etc.

dJAX Enterprise Adserver



  • SSP and DSP plugin
  • Third party integration (RTB Integration)
  • Third Party Integration
          (Server to server (S2S))
  • Native Ads
  • XML feed Network

What we offer

we have well designed ready to install defined packages to your needs. we also provide white labeling.