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How to identify the perfect Ad Server?

Monetizing content is more than simply running ads; the million dollar question is “which is the best Ad Server? How to identify the best Ad Server your business?” campaigns as well as individual placements must be managed, edited and repeatedly tested for performance. Ad Servers are vital part in it and they help you to do exactly what is required through a centralized platform.  ... Read More,

Understanding of ad server and its pursuits

A technology used by an advertiser, publisher or an ad agency to store, manage, and distribute the advertisements in desktop and mobile website and application is called an ad server. The ad server allows the advertisers to upload various ad creatives and to optimize the campaign by adding targeting parameters and additional functionalities. The publisher can add and manage multiple ad zones and would earn revenue for every impression, click, and lead made on the advertisement. ... Read More,

Understanding of ad network and its pursuits

An advertising company that runs an ad server is called an ad network. It aggregates the advertiser demands with the publisher ad space and distributes the advertisement online. The online ad network publishes the advertisements by using an ad server and enables targeting models, ad traffic monitoring, and reporting. The advertisement is published by matching the criteria like targeting requirements, ad categories, ad specifications, and pricing models of the advertiser.  ... Read More,

Importance of owning an ad server

An ad server is an advertising tool that manages the ad operations of advertisers, publishers, and an ad agency. It automates the direct buying of ad inventories from the publisher and stores the statistical reports in a single database. The ad server maintains the advertiser ad campaign and records the progress of each advertisement. The budget maintenance, revenue management, and data security are the notable features of an ad server. ... Read More,

The difference between ad server and ad network

The ad server is a technology which is used to store, manage, and place the advertisement on the publisher website. In contrast, the ad network is a company which owns an ad server for selling the ad impressions to advertisers and to monitor the revenue of publisher. ... Read More,

Understanding of an ad exchange

An ad exchange is an online marketplace where the advertisers and publishers will buy and sell the ad spaces through real-time bidding. An advertiser can purchase display, video and mobile ad inventories from the ad exchange.  ... Read More,

The process of an ad server

A technology that manages the process of ad delivery or ad serving is called an ad server. It is used by advertisers, publishers and the ad agencies to store advertisements online and to distribute it to desktops and mobile websites and applications.  ... Read More,

Advantages of an ad server

The ad server offers the following benefits to the users. The ad server allows the user to add new advertisements and remove the ads in simple clicks. Advertiser can take control of the ad campaign without depending on the publisher and can analyze the count of unique clicks and impressions made on the advertisements through statistical reports.  ... Read More,

Understanding of third party ad server and its pursuits

An advertising technology that store, manage, and deliver the online ad campaign is called as third party ad server. It enables the advertisers to analyze the performance of third party ads and provide the report on impressions, clicks, and leads made on the advertisement.  ... Read More,

Why advertiser needs an ad server?

An ad server produces an up-to-date report on the advertisements served to a visitor it includes location, publisher website name, and count of impressions, clicks, and conversions. If the advertiser does not possess an ad server, the advertiser has to rely on the reports given by the publisher and aggregates the reports of each advertisement.  ... Read More,

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