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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Unify customer data and receive actionable insight for measurable growth.An ideal platform that provides advanced options to smartly manage, organise, measure and optimize personalized multi-channel campaigns.


dJAX Customer Data Platform (CDP), an advanced software that is exceptionally well designed and developed to aggregate and organize customer data across a variety of touch points. CDP delivers entire customer data in a single view which can play a crucial role in improving marketing efforts. dJAX CDP obtains and structures real-time data into individual, centralized customer profiles. Customer data collected will provide a unique customer view with advance identity resolution which creates the best personalized experience. By implementing advanced machine learning techniques CDP brings together all the disparate data sources. Deeper insight through invaluable data will deliver precise inputs about audience behavioural pattern. Marketers can enhance customer experience in real time.


Unified Customer View

Effectively acquire, engage and retain customer through unified audience data.

Target High Valued Customers

Reduce ad wastage and improve your customer acquisition.

Better Personalized Experience

Deliver creatives based on individual interest and preferences.

Improve Customer Loyalty

The present competitive digital era it is mandatory to improve audience acquisition, conversion and retention for staying ahead in the market. To deliver the exceptional results it is crucial to understand audience behaviour and identify the customer among them to deliver the right creative. CDP contain the personal identifiers with which a user can be targeted with marketing messages and also track individual-level marketing results.

How is Customer Data Platform (CDP) different from Data Management Platform (DMP)?

Specification Customer Data Platform (CDP) Data Management Platform (DMP)
Marketing Influence All types of marketing efforts can be influenced. Major influence on advertising to better target ads a reach audience.
Data Collection Direct from source, mostly first party data. Mostly from data providers, managers and services, majorly third party data.
Customer Identifiers Reflect specific customer (name, email address, customer ID) Reflect anonymous customer identifiers, mostly cookies.
Data Holding Can retain data for a longer period to build in-depth, accurate customer profile. Shorter period of data retention to target ads and to build lookalike audience.

dJAX Customer Data Platform – Benefits

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