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Lookalike Audience


Marketers can now reach new audience with similar attributes to that of their existing audience. Reach audience exhibiting similar attributes relevant to your business goals with easer in the digital ecosystem. Initial set of audience data known as “Seed Audience” is imperative for reaching a larger audience group. Seed Audience data is obtained from numerous important data sources like online, offline CRM, purchases and other digital sources. Build a large audience base from multiple smaller segments and improve the reach of advertisers by a huge margin. Perfect platform for marketers to expand audience reach and identify perfect target audience to deliver more number of creatives to boost business performance. Lookalike audience leads to highly relevant new business prospects.


Large Audience Base & Reach

Precise Audience Targeting

Effective Data Handling

Reach Relevant Business Prospects

Discover new prospects to amplify the reach of your business, it abets marketers to increase their campaign reach with every campaign. Better conversion rate and ROI assured, reach a wider audience group without much hassle. Also, Seed Audience data is analysed along with DMP Manager’s obtained audience data and third-party data; it optimizes your results for Lookalike audiences.

Data Management Platform implements advance technology to analyse your Seed Audience and identify the key characteristics to find similar audience matching your target audience requirement. Our machine learning algorithm allows us to classify new users as lookalikes perfectly matching your attributes.

Lead Audience and Lookalike Audience

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