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Deliver engaging ads for any Wordpress website with technically advanced short codes that will placed in the Wordpress website. dJAX Adserver, provides add-on for its various Adserver packages for progressing forward with the Wordpress site. The Ad networks can supply this wordpress plugin to their Publishers to integrated with their wordpress site and they can deliver the variety of adformats into the present Content Management System (CMS) without making any major changes in the Code and Options are available in the Wordpress Admin to manage their Ad space. Hassle free and effective ad management is available for the Publishers and deliver of various audience engaging ad formats that can improve Wordpress website performance, precise, detailed reporting and targeting features that can increase attraction on advertiser products.

Advanced features

Advanced features and functionality of the adserver makes it one of a kind adserver for enhancing every Wordpress sites in the industry. These features are designed to elevate the performance of the website. Some of the best features are mentioned below.

  • Fraud Detection System : Analyses and identify all fraud clicks which will save time and money. Customize it based on your requirement and it will act accordingly to detect the frauds and make you run the business independently without any hassles.
  • Manual and Auto linking: Admin has the authority to select either manual linking or auto linking. Manual linking allows the advertiser to select the required publisher zones to deliver the ads and likewise, the publisher can select the advertiser campaign to deliver the ad. Auto linking process will automatically link the advertiser campaign with publisher zone according to their ad type and size
  • White label Solution : Adserver has White label option to add customizable domain name,package name and Logo
  • Security Management System : Prevent the fraudulent clicks made by hackers or anonymous and protects the publisher website and avoids unnecessary payment of advertiser. The user can customize the option to detect the fraud clicks.
  • Inventory and Revenue Management: Advertiser and publisher can manage the inventories, campaign, creative, website, and zones. Admin has the privilege to handle the unavailability of advertiser ads with the house ads option. The publishers have an option to replace the no matching ads with pass-back tags. The publisher invoice is generated every month with minimum invoice amount. The advertiser and publisher can manage a separate account and admin can handle creatives and invoice payments
  • Custom Size Creative : Flexibility to support different sizes of ad units; It lets you to create your own personalized banners for your campaigns; this makes the creative to fit perfectly to the ad space in the publisher website.
  • Billing and Payment : Supports PayPal payment for the advertisers to purchase the inventory and so your Advertisers can instantly make payments and start advertising
  • Revenue Reporting : The platform provides the report on the amount shared by admin to publisher, the amount spent by advertiser, admin revenue, and publisher income. The invoice is generated periodically for publisher earnings.
  • Unique Reports for video ads : Advertiser can view the percentage of the Video Ads played to the particular visitor. The percentage of values shown for the advertiser are, video ad started, 25% viewed, 50% viewed, 75% viewed, completed, paused, paused to play, full screen, mute, un mute.

Adserver Supported Ad formats


An ideal ad format for the evolving digital age where the number of display devices used is growing at a rapid pace. This format targets all the display devices and can deliver audience engaging ads that can attract attention without disrupting the user experience.

Engaging Ad format without disturbing the user in any way. Banners, images with text, digital billboard ads and much more to gather audience attention.
Clear precise text that delivers advertisers context to audience directly. Direct message to the user about offers, rewards and freebies.


Mobile ad formats are the best way to reach audience at the present technological landscape. Mobile device users are increasing every day and the ability to reach mobile users with an appropriate ad can make a huge difference to the adtech industry. Engaging formats with clear intention of reaching out to the user.

The ‘IAB rising stars ad formats provides eight popular ad units which are suitable for all ad serving needs.
New features to improve the user’s ad experience. The new MRAID enables the ad to measure viewability and audibility, detect MRAID environment, and get location data to present user with the best possible experience.
Engaging Ad format without disturbing the user in any way. Banners, images with text, digital billboard ads and much more to gather audience attention.
Clear precise text that delivers advertisers context to audience directly. Direct message to the user about offers, rewards and freebies.


The video ad formats are VAST Compliant and delivered through player that support the delivery such as JW player, HTML player and Flow player

Linear video ads are the ads, typically in video format that interrupt streaming video content much like a TV commercial. They can play before pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the streaming content. Also, companion Ads are served with Linear or Nonlinear ads, but are displayed outside the video player. They can serve as a leave-behind on the page after the video ad has ended and enables an engaging experience to the user. Linear ad formats can be accompanied by a companion ad, or they can include an interactive component.
This type of video ads runs simultaneously with the video content, usually in the form of an interactive banner ad in an overlay. Companion Ad are linear or non-linear ads which is commonly displayed as a standard banner or rich media ad, but can also be a skin that wraps the video ad experience. Clicking on these ads generally pauses the content and either a full player ad is shown or the user is taken to an advertiser’s website. The Ad duration can be configured as per requirement.
Provides interactions between ad units and video players. VPAID focus on providing a rich and interactive in-stream ad experience. The user interaction data get reported on the viewed ad.
Supported versions: VPAID 1 VPAID 2
Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlist enables video content owners to have control over the ad inventory displayed with their content. VMAP allows the content owner to define the ad breaks within their content that includes the time for each break, number of breaks available, the type of ads and the number of ads allowed in each break
Ad Pods is a set of sequential linear ads that are played before, during and after the original video content. The video ad pots function like a TV commercial break with multiple ad spots.

Native advertising

Native advertising is a division of content marketing where the posted advertisement will match exactly with the editorial content published in the website. There are various types of native ads available for the users; they can choose their desired type as per the business requirement.

The in-feed advertising is divided into two types they are sponsored/content ads and in-feed promotional ads. The sponsored/content ads will reflect the content available in the feeds. The in-feed promotional ads will appear in-stream and it redirects the audience to advertiser’s website, examples for in-feed promotional ads are popular blogs and websites.
On most blogs/ websites at some parts every article if you encounter a widget with a heading like ‘You may also like’ or 'Recommended for you’, this is what a recommendation widget is. These are nothing but sponsored recommendations; a paid content discovery links distributed by content amplification networks. For publishers who wish to increase their audience or for marketers that are using content marketing for lead generation, recommendation widgets would benefit them immensely
This ad content is marked as sponsored and show-up in websites in a similar format as all other content from the publication. Most common type of creative used are image and video ads. These ads are written either by the publisher or in conjunction with the sponsoring advertiser.

Targeting – features

Display Adserver

Operting System

Ads are delivered based on the visitors operating system in both Desktop and Mobile Environment.

Mobile Adserver

Geographic (Country / City)

The ads are delivered to targeted countries & city

Video Adserver

Frequency Capping

The advertiser can define the impression count per hour.

Enterprise Adserver

Mobile manufactures

The advertiser can deliver the ads to selected mobile manufactures.

Automated Bidding & Optimization


Ads are delivered based on the visitors browser in both Desktop and Mobile Environment.

Redundancy Removal

Mobile capability

The user can additionally target the visitors based on other device capabilities like Mobile Screen Resolution, Mobile Model like (ex: BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, Nokia 8800 Scirocco, Samsung M800 Instinct)

Bidding strategies

Mobile Telecom Operators

The advertiser can deliver the ads to selected telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio users

Make the most of advertising on web pages, easily and efficiently.

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Benefits of the Plugin

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Add short codes to insert ads on posts, pages, or custom post types.
  • Insert short ads before content, after post content, or after specified number of paragraphs
  • Insert Post Ads makes monetizing your blog easy.

Stats & Reporting

Get accurate and instant statistics of campaign based on geography, environment, websites, and ad engagement. Use our clear insights and explicit values to know the performance of your video ads, also includes a bunch of sorting options.

  • Overview Report
  • Campaign/Creative Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Advertiser: Campaign and Creative Report
  • Publisher: Site and Ad Block Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Environment Performance Report
  • Overview Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Sites Report
  • Ad Block Report