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dJAX AdExchange Framework


dJAX Exchange Framework provides a platform to integrate many third-party exchanges, buying and selling their real time inventory through real-time bidding, thus fetching real time revenue for Publishers and Advertisers. It allows the administrator to configure more than one third party ad exchanges like OpenX Market, Pubmatic, Google ads into dJAX ad exchange framework. This arrangement enables both getting inventory from other ad exchanges and sending ads to them.

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  • Demand Side Platform

    Fetch Real Time Advertisers

    Demand Side Platform (DSP) automates buying of online media advertising (Display, Game, Video Ads) across many Ad Exchanges for “Advertisers”. This automation includes Ad pricing and Ad placements.

  • Targeting

    Right Audience at Right Time

    Targeting feature ensures taking the online media advertising to the right audience in the right time and/or right location. All types of users are covered and targeted using a variety of Targeting techniques.

  • NET-X Payment System

    Payment Made Easy

    Net-X system allows Admin to making payments to Publishers, generates Invoices for each Publisher.

  • Supply Side Platform

    Fetch Real Time Publishers

    Supply Side Platform (SSP) automates selling of online media advertising across many Ad Exchanges by “Publishers”.This ensures effective and efficient way of maximizing Real Time Revenue for Publishers.

  • Pass back tracking System

    Ensure 100% fill rate

    Pass back Tracking System tracks all the ad requests / Traffic information from each publisher and stores all the ad requests and their responses. This system ensures 100% fill rate for all the ad requests.

  • Analytics and Reports

    Handy reports & Solutions

    This feature allows generation of reports on various parameters such as Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Advertiser Spend, Publisher share and Admin Revenue.

  • Global RTB

    Bid & Earn

    It allows an Ad Exchange to decide the value of an ad impression and decide whether or not to bid for that in “Real Time”. This includes handling of Ad Request and Responses based on that real time bid.

  • Publisher Referral Program

    Earn through referrals

    This feature allows Referral program that facilitates extra revenue by referring a Publisher. For every referral, a certain percentile share of the revenue of the referred Publisher is earned.

  • Manage House Ads

    Self Promotional ads

    This feature manages placing of House Ads (Self-promotional ads of one’s one inventory) more often to utilize the space on unsold inventory.

Publishers sell and earn, Advertisers buy and prosper communicating across different Ad Exchanges, in real time.

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Why Choose this

  • One Time Cost.
  • Connect with other RTB ad exchanges like right media, google's double click etc.
  • API interface for ad delivery and report.
  • XML feed integration
  • Native Mobile SDK's.
  • Friendly user interface.

Ad formats

Supports various ad formats for display, mobile,video, game etc.

dJAX AdExchange Framework

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