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Effective data handling makes a huge difference in an organisation’s growth and reach. Data gained from a company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is invaluable to an organisation. CRM data along with website and analytics provide a better and deeper insight which is imperative in mapping an individual customer journey. Data in their fragmented form is less important in the Adtech ecosystem. Organising data based on insight increases the importance of data. Monetized and fine-tuned data will be the perfect match for the changing real-time needs and also makes it invaluable to marketers. With tons of information data still needs to be organised in meaningful ways that enable publishers to take advantage of expanding monetization and audience-engagement opportunities. dJAX Lead Generation delivers perfectly organized data which can benefit all the involved parties.


Generate Leads

Better Audience Insight

Increased Data Value

Quality Data

Invaluable Raw Data

Monetize Data

Understand and analyze data sources to ensure only precise and prefect data gets into the system.This procedure makes your data extremely organised and proves to be a lot of value to any organisation. Clear analysis of data will deliver only relevant data to any organisation.

Data Monetization for Lead Generation

Elevate the standard of your data to the next level and generate additional revenue streams, collecting, organising and selling first-party data which brings in a lot of value to your data. In depth analysis of company data brings out important changes to be done to the company’s core business functions and it improves operational performance.

Say, your company does have a pile of granular CRM data. On the other hand, there’s another company that would very much like to know their potential customer's demographics but it has no way to gather that kind of information on its own. This is a major opportunity for your company to create a new revenue stream with the audience data you have. To do this data must be monetized and only monetized data will assist in increasing revenue.

Machine learning algorithms implemented by dJAX will easily monetize data and organize information in the best possible method for better audience understanding. dJAX DMP Manager makes a measurable and positive impact on business revenue through the data Monetization.


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