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An ideal adserver for enhancing ad delivery and adtech operations for all the Magento websites. dJAX Adserver, provides add-on for its various Adserver packages for progressing forward with the Magento site. They can deliver the variety of adformats into the present Content Management System (CMS) without making any major changes in the Code and Options are available in the Magento Admin to manage their Ad space. Place ads perfectly and deliver ads in engaging ad formats that can effectively attract and grasp audience attention. Detailed reporting and best in class targeting features which are designed to showcase ads on ecommerce websites with fully responsible banners based on the page content.

Why choose dJAX adserver for Magento E-commerce CMS?

  • Fraud Detection System : This system analyses all possible fraud clicks and will save your time and money.
  • Manual and Auto linking : The admin has the authority to select either manual linking or auto linking.
  • White label Solution : The ad server has White label option to add customizable domain name, package name and Logo
  • Security Management System : The security management system prevents the fraudulent clicks made by hackers or anonymous and protects the publisher website and avoids unnecessary payment of advertiser.
  • Inventory and Revenue Management : The platform allows the advertiser and publisher to manage the inventories, campaign, creative, website, and zones.The platform provides the report on the amount shared by admin to publisher, the amount spent by advertiser, admin revenue, and publisher income.
  • Custom Size Creative : Flexibility to support different sizes of ad units;
  • Unique Reports For Video ADS : The platform allows the advertiser and publisher to manage the inventories, campaign, creative, website, and zones.
  • Billing and Payment : It supports PayPal payment for the advertisers to purchase the inventory and so your Advertisers can instantly make payments and start advertising

Targeting – features

Display Adserver

Operting System

Mobile Adserver

Geographic (Country/City)

Video Adserver

Frequency Capping

Enterprise Adserver

Mobile manufactures

Automated Bidding & Optimization


Redundancy Removal

Mobile capability

Bidding strategies

Mobile Telecom Operators

Make the most of advertising on web pages, easily and efficiently.

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Benefits of the Plugin

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Add Widgets one or multiple places on you page content for each adformats to show up.
  • Insert ads After Page Header / After Page Header Top / Before Main Columns / Before Page Footer / Before Page Footer Container / Product Page / Main Content Area / Main Content Aside / Main Content Bottom / Main Content Container / Main Content Top / Side Bar
  • Keep track of ads performance
  • Fully compatible with Page Builder.

Stats & Reporting

Get accurate and instant statistics of campaign based on geography, environment, websites, and ad engagement. Use our clear insights and explicit values to know the performance of your video ads, also includes a bunch of sorting options.

  • Overview Report
  • Campaign/Creative Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Advertiser: Campaign and Creative Report
  • Publisher: Site and Ad Block Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Environment Performance Report
  • Overview Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Sites Report
  • Ad Block Report