Why you need your own adserver?

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Importance of owning an ad server

An ad server is an advertising tool that manages the ad operations of advertisers, publishers, and an ad agency. It automates the direct buying of ad inventories from the publisher and stores the statistical reports in a single database. The ad server maintains the advertiser ad campaign and records the progress of each advertisement. The budget maintenance, revenue management, and data security are the notable features of an ad server.

Functionalities of an ad server:

The ad banners like HTML5, rich media advertisements, and image creatives are uploaded in an ad server.

The uploaded advertisements are published according to the targeting models defined by the advertiser. The ads are distributed in desktops, mobile websites, and applications.

TAn ad server monitors the distributed advertisements and records the number of impressions, clicks, and leads made on the advertisement. The record helps the advertiser to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for the particular advertisement.

The statistical report is stored for each user in the ad server and it provides the detailed report on campaign status and the progress of ad delivery.

The advanced functionalities like frequency capping and targeting methods will allow the advertiser to set delivery limitation to the advertisements.

Advantages of owning an ad server

The advertiser can make payment based on the pricing model selected for the ad campaign.

The publisher can add and maintain multiple ad zones in the user account.

The payment made by the advertiser and the revenue earned by the publisher are maintained in statistical reports.

The advertiser can have all campaign records in a single database and take control over the campaign records without depending on the publisher.

The ad server provides real time statistics for the performance of advertiser and publisher.

The ad server provides data privacy for the stored statistical data.

An ad server is distinguished as enterprise ad server, ad server for publishers, an ad server for advertisers or ad agency and mobile, video adserver, and display ad servers. The user can choose an ad server based on their business requirements.