• Header Bidder Adapter
    Pioneer in Providing Optimized Prebid Adapter


dJAX Header Bidder Adapter offers a ton of technical and operational benefits to publishers. Bidder Adapter assists publishers to work with multiple header bidding solutions simultaneously. Unique feature includes an asynchronous container to ensure all partners have their bid requests triggered at the same time, a universal timeout setting to manage how long the browser waits for bidders to respond, and partner specific “adaptors” that allow the wrapper to translate all bids into a common key value for the ad server.


Access to entire marketplace

Connect to all major demand partners with a single header bidding tag

Performance optimization

We use advanced machine learning and predictive modelling algorithms to dynamically create optimal floor prices within the header bidding ecosystem

Latency optimization

Delivering optimal results on the impression level while controlling latency

Improved Quality

Just like our tag based integration we enforce quality control of ads and advertisers

Easy Integration

Standard Prebid.js integration with transparent reporting of Ad requests and Ad impressions

What dJAX Bidder Adapter offer

  • 1. Our own independent “Header Bidding Adapter” added on Prebid.js
  • 2. Latest version of “Prebid”; enhances compatibility and performance of wrapper setup.
  • 3. The Adapter connects World’s largest Ad Exchanges to your inventory.
  • 4. Transparent operational features that include; reporting on ad performance, CPM, ad requests, fill rates, ad impressions.
  • 5. This Bidder adapter supports Multiple Ad formats such as In-stream video ads, Out-stream video ads, and Display banner ads. Also, it supports various sizes and screens, Selling mobile and display impressions.
  • 6. Publisher adopting the server-to-server bidding capability, ensures the one-step integration and flexibility.

Compelling reasons to get the dJAX Bidding Adapter

Improved Ad Standard

Deliver quality ads to your views every single time, bids form high valued demand sources makes sure that quality ads are delivered to users. The Adapter will improve your user experience by serving best ads thereby amplifying your revenue.

Improved Yield

The Adapter assists in attaining higher Cost per Mile (CPM) through increased bid competition from premium demand source to win impressions. This brings out the true value for your impression in the Adtech ecosystem.

Decreased Latency

Reduce the delay for the webpage called into loading. The Adapter resolves the issue by concurrently calling the selected SSPs and ad exchanges within the set timeout. Reduced page load time with improved user experience guaranteed.

Setup and Optimization

Our team of experts will assist you during the setup and customization process. In addition, our experts will work to optimize it for the maximum yield and ensure the increase in Ad revenue from day one.

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