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dJAX Healthcare White label Adserver Solution


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Millions of People admit to searching for health-relevant topics online and look for consultations Online and explore Healthcare and Practitioners.

Healthcare and Wellness platforms are flourishing with more and more information to the Users, as well as the Healthcare centers, maintain the patient users to access their Site or the Mobile Application for more details and discussions with the Physicians. In this digital world, traditional facets are no longer considered the most highly performing ways to get the healthcare facility’s services out there. Instead, advertising technology and other new marketing schemes are on the rise, and those are taken in-house to target the Patient audience or their platform users.

Digital advertising has transformed the marketing scenery for nearly every industry, and specifically, healthcare professionals are benefiting from this cost-effective option that provides better reach, improved interaction, and, therefore, enhanced results by setting up the Ad servers exclusively for their platform and targeting the Audience with better promotions, Suggestions with Banner ads and the Video ads which can be the Glimpse of explanation about the particular topic which the user is interested or looking for.

The platform would have the Personal data, Demographic details, and the patient audience’s Heath information which are the primary data to target the services of the healthcare professionals, healthcare products, and other related services.

By using dJAX Whitelabel Healthcare Adserver solution, the digital advertising space can be sold to the healthcare product brands, Healthcare professionals, and other related services, and the Healthcare Domain can better target their audience and understand when to deliver the right message at the right time.

With programmatic advertising, the amount of time and effort spent on blind outreach can be adjusted. Instead, the Healthcare domain with a house Advertising platform can target a specific audience using precision with deterministic data. Healthcare marketers can profit from this digital solution by producing valuable results in real-time.

dJAX Whitelabel Healthcare Adserver solution Benefits are

  • Supports the Banner ads and the Video ads on Websites.
  • Supports Banner ads, Interstitial Ads, and Video ads in Mobile App.
  • Offers the SDK for Android and IOS Application.
  • Targets the Custom Patient data from the Platform.
  • Sizeable tracking of data based on Patient data and other Device relevant data.
  • Simple Interface for the Advertisers / Healthcare product promotors to manage the Inventory and Targeting settings.
  • The Healthcare White label Adserver solution can be customized as required for the Uniqueness of the Healthcare user.


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