Why the advertiser needs an ad server?

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Why advertiser needs an ad server?

An ad server benefits the advertiser in following forms,

Campaign monitoring:

An ad server produces an up-to-date report on the advertisements served to a visitor it includes location, publisher website name, and count of impressions, clicks, and conversions.

If the advertiser does not possess an ad server, the advertiser has to rely on the reports given by the publisher and aggregates the reports of each advertisement.

Analysis of advertisements:

Ad server provides clear insights about the performance of the ad campaigns and helps to improve it through audience targeting.

The ad server ensures whether the frequency capping is not exceeded by the publisher.

The frequency capping feature in the ad server limits the number of times an ad is displayed on the particular browser.

Budget optimization:

Ad server allows the advertiser to compare the performance of publishers and helps to adjust the budget based on the performance each publisher.

The ad server assists the advertiser to allocate increased amount for high performing publisher and a reduced budget for the low-performing publisher.

Audience targeting:

Ad server allows the advertisers to segment the audience based on the browsing data and interests of visitors

An ad server helps the advertisers to deliver sequence of advertisements relevant to the audience.

Real time reports:

The ad server generates accurate results on the count of audience visit the publisher website and makes an impression, click, or conversion on the advertisement.

It eliminates redundant data and produces error-free results on the impression, click, and the conversion made on all advertiser ads.

The accurate report is essential for effective management of advertisements and to compare the ad performance.

Payment management:

The ad server maintains a valid report on which publisher received payment for the click, impression and conversions as per the payment model agreed between the advertiser and publisher.

The ad server determines which publisher website is suitable to receive payment for the conversion and assists to pay them accordingly.

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