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A central reporting hub through API connectivity. Manage end-to-end programmatic campaigns across display, video, TV & audio. Integrate all your data from Google DV 360. Extensive reports and metrics based on your business requirements can be obtained and delivered to your dashboard with our customizable API reporting feature. Integrate with your existing platform on a custom-built user interface of your choice. This eliminates the burden on advertisers and agencies from having to perform manual; recurring tasks and enables campaign managers to always keep an eye on the latest performance. The data can be sent to any BI-tool or data studio for data visualization. API stands for Application Programming Interface and enables applications, to retrieve advertising data from Google DV 360 on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Using – Our API

Display Adserver

Data Addition

Advertisers can add their programmatic advertising campaigns to their marketing dashboards through Google DV360 API provided by dJAX. This enables unique data addition to advertisers and also enhances options to handle data effectively.     

Mobile Adserver

Access to Advanced Metrics

Users can query more than 200 metrics, such as impressions, clicks, conversions and revenue. The available metrics also includes enhanced and specialized KPIs like unique cookie reach, impression share, and video companion clicks..

Video Adserver

Advance Data Segments

Advanced segmentation of data through cutting edge technology with multiple possibilities. Data segmented into vital segmentations under numerous dimensions such as insertion, order, campaign, line item and creative..

Enterprise Adserver

Precise and Quality Reports

Effective and actionable reports for improving campaign performance can be accessed through API for better business performance. More than 15 types of reports can be delivered and also customized reports based on business needs are being made available.

Automated Bidding & Optimization

Automated Bidding & Optimization

The totally automated bidding process for reaching highest possible value for inventory along with ideal optimization for better reach and awareness of the brand. Gain access to cross-channel first-party data as well as Google’s third-party data partners.

Redundancy Removal

Redundancy Removal

Can be integrated with Google Marketing platforms without any hurdle and it de-duplicate conversions for more accurate attributions in the process. Remove repeated data entries and reduce error percentage while enhancing campaign performance.

Bidding strategies

Bidding strategies

Advanced bidding strategies can be formulated with precise performance reports. With data about audience engagement towards creative campaigns, a wide range of bidding strategies available in the industry can be selected that works best for any particular campaign.

Targeting Options

Targeting Options

Additional targeting options to reach a wider range of audience group without any barrier. Also based on campaign reach and demographic advance targeting options can also be implemented to improve operational performance.

DV 360 API – Module Access

  • DV360 API by dJAX is loaded with a ton of features, making it easier for advertisers, agencies and Adtech industries looking to enhance campaign performance.
  • The API makes it easier to plan, build and manage programmatic campaigns; also it offers seamless integration with other Google tools out in the market, therefore campaigns can benefit from cross-channel insights, as well as being able to target audience straight away.
  • DV360 API offered by dJAX has access to all the modules available, allowing users to take total control over, everything from creatives to inventory for a single API.
  • User can design and build own user interface, and we provide API access through that user interface. This can be used by agencies and trade desks for handling custom requests for multiple clients.

Module Access Through API

Manage Campaigns

Access campaign module through API, build and execute efficient cross-channel media plan through a single API. Combined view feature which allows you to see all elements of a campaign in the same place, making it easier to monitor performance and make changes accordingly. Enhanced access that can be provided to multiple clients by trade desks and agencies, display what metrics are needed for every client and optimize the performance.

Ideal workspace access to design and build a comprehensive media plan, explore inventory.
Plan and build campaigns based on accurately predicted reach and frequency for audience and budget. Compare television and digital video channel performance with a common metric.
Reach goals without optimizing campaign manually, enhanced by machine learning algorithms. Automated bidding strategy designed to drive performance at scale.
Manage thousands of campaigns through API access across channels, enterprise-level access that can be scaled. Make campaign changes, combine data across campaigns and run advanced analytics.

Data Focused Creative

Creative module access through API offers ease of operation to build and manage creatives. With API access format gallery that has multiple ad formats to select from and can be easily customized in Ad canvas to make an engaging and on-brand display, audio and video ads. For campaigns where you will be targeting multiple audiences, you can also create different variations of each ad and then target these towards the relevant audience. Tailored and data-driven/dynamic creatives are a great way to improve the performance of your programmatic campaigns due to their personalized nature.

Build creatives that are tied directly connected with the media plan and evaluate performance across campaigns, in a single shared workspace.
Media teams and brands through API can access and share relevant and non-sensitive data with creative agencies for tailor-made creative experience alongside with media plan.
Buy sequential creative messages through the purchase funnel. Measure clicks and conversions across the campaigns for better understanding of the performance factor. The API is capable of accessing the entire module.
Customize templates and interactive animations from designer to build dynamic, responsive ads and custom formats that scale across Adtech ecosystem.

Advance Audience Management

Centralized audience view to build and manage a campaign audience without any hassle. The access to module through API offers control over the entire operation related to audience management. Easy to use with several advanced features offered by the API offers quick and in-depth audience analysis. Audience profile analysis through API allows you to combine first, second & third-party data to gain relevant insights about audience and build combined audience that is relevant to campaigns.

Create audiences from campaign data that includes impressions, clicks and conversions or can combine lists from various sources through the API. Analyze and obtain in-depth reports on audience directly through API.
Build audience segments from customer data based on the business requirement. API offers total access to the module for enhanced audience segment creation.
Find the customers you’re looking for with access to Google Audiences. Whether you’re trying to increase awareness or drive conversions, we can help you reach your audience at scale.

Better Insights

The DV 360 API from dJAX provided unlimited access to Insights module and the module contains all the information required to monitor campaign performance and media spend; there are over 65 dimensions and 145 metrics you can report on, and more than 20 types of reports available. All the data is accessible in real time and can build tables and graphs directly within the module, meaning, able to act quickly on insights and optimize your campaigns with immediate effect.

Detect and filter fraudulent impressions and allow advertisers to choose inventory where they can get a refund for impressions determined to be fraudulent.
Active View metrics are fully transparent and are based on the direct measurement of each impression without sampling or extrapolating. Measure in real-time, on an impression-by-impression basis, whether or not an ad was viewable to a user.
Measure the number of unique users and average impressions-per-user from video and display ads. Metrics are de-duplicated across devices, campaigns, and inventory and formats so how many people reached and how often reached them are precise
DV 360 API from dJAX has integrations with leading measurement partners to help you assess and understand marketing performance, covering areas such as viewability, brand safety, audience measurement and more.


DV 360 API from dJAX allows marketers to access premium, brand-safe digital inventory and negotiate deals directly with top publishers and broadcasters within DV 360 Marketplace. There is a wider range of inventory in D&V 360 than in Google Ads, as well as advanced fraud prevention to ensure you are not spending money on invalid clicks or appearing on sites which might harm your brand.

Use Marketplace to discover great inventory, negotiate deals directly, and manage all of the deals in one place within an easy-to-use interface. It’s a shop-able storefront for programmatic campaigns.
Automate the direct sales deal-booking process and apply real-time audience data to reservation buys. Manage reach and frequency together across all of your direct and open auction buys.
DV 360 API from dJAX total access to the module is efficient in detecting and filtering fraudulent impressions and this allows advertisers in the market to choose the inventory where there is a refund for impressions that are determined to be fraudulent.
The API’s total access to the module guarantees easy access to high-quality TV inventory via over-the-top video streams and traditional linear TV.

Real-time use cases of Google DV 360 API offered by dJAX

Bids and Budgets

Identify and reach the reports of insertion order that are driving better engagement. The use and adoption of DV360 API within bids and budgets allow efficiency in terms of cost, management and innovation. This allows the user to consider bidding higher or adding more budget to campaigns that have better engagement among the audience. Optimizing bids and budgets are highly effective when relying on conversions is not the best option. Because the conversion of a new campaign will be null or while analyzing a brand campaign.

Targeting - Site & Exchange

Optimization of Site and Exchange targeting, site comparison based on engagement. Reports on engagement driven by all exchanges or sites assist in identifying the sites and exchanges that are driving a large number of Click-through or View-through sessions but very low engagement on site. Exclude or reduce budget/bids in DV 360 through API for low performing sites and exchanges.

Reports on Creatives

Use the Creatives report to compare site engagement driven by all of your creatives. Optimize DV 360 creatives by increasing usage or creating new variations of those creatives that drive higher site engagement.

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Compelling reasons to choose Google DV 360 API

  • Google DV 360 API simplifies the process of managing programmatic campaigns from start to finish, making it easier to build, manage and report on campaigns..
  • There is a wide range of creatives available and flexibility in how these can be customized.
  • Targeting is also highly customizable, and integration with the Google Marketing Platform, as well as access to Google data and third-party data, means you can build highly relevant audiences.
  • More high-quality websites available to advertise on, there is a heightened opportunity to serve your ads to the right people. This means you will likely see less budget wastage and a stronger ROAS.
  • Build custom user interface based on your requirement and also have additional metrics that can elevate business to the next level.