Benefits of adserver?

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Advantages of an ad server

The ad server offers the following benefits to the users.

Hassle-free operations: 

The ad server allows the user to add new advertisements and remove the ads in simple clicks.

Analytical reporting: 

Advertiser can take control of the ad campaign without depending on the publisher and can analyze the count of unique clicks and impressions made on the advertisements through statistical reports.

Performance reporting: 

The ad server generates real-time statistics for each user in the ad network; the user can review the hourly or weekly reports for each ad zone with breakdowns.

Ad rotation: 

An ad server enables the user to rotate more advertisements in single ad placement through the ads from internal advertisers or ad networks.

Ad testing: 

The user can test an ad with different ad specifications (height, width, and ad type) in the ad server before publishing it in online.

Reach your targeted audience:  The targeting features present in the ad server will deliver the ads to the targeted audience. The targeting options include geo, browser, user, time, and domain targeting.

Pricing models: 

The ad server has pricing models like CPM, CPA, and CPC; the advertiser can choose the suitable model for the campaign and change it when required.

House ads: 

If the publisher inventory is left unsold or if there is no matching advertisement to serve in the ad space, the house ads are published. House ads are internal ads of publisher used for a commercial purpose; it is not monitored for impression or click rate.

High revenue: 

The publisher can get increased ad request and the advertiser can enhance the business by distributing attractive ads.

Relevant ad distribution: 

Before the ad delivery, the ad server matches the advertisement with customer browsing behavior, targeting methods and campaign performance. This, in turn, provides increased CTR or conversions to the advertiser and benefits the publisher by earning more income.

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