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dJAX Display and Mobile Ad Server is an ad server solution that basically sets up an independent display and mobile Ad network that helps Publishers to find and sell ad space to Advertisers to serve their ads when videos are served on the Internet. It delivers ads specifically based on the targeting models set by the advertisers / agencies with VAST compliance ad formats and the publishers delivers the ads in their websites.

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  • Contextual Targeting

    Picks Meta keywords

    This is a technique through which ad servers target a user to show ad units based on the context of the page they are viewing. The banner will only be displayed on the webpage, if the META Keyword of the web page matches with the keyword set for the banners (assigned by the advertiser).

  • Fraud Detection System

    To cut off frauds

    This system analyses all possible fraud clicks and will save your time and money. You can customize it based on your requirement and it will act accordingly to detect the frauds and make you run the business independently without any hassles.

  • Revenue Reporting system

    To Track funds

    Analyses the payment/revenue details of the advertisers and publishers on their daily spend, balance in, payouts, commissions, etc. and produce a detailed report which would be guiding them to have control over the business.

  • Video Ad Views Statistics

    To make out viewers reach

    Helps in tracking the viewers response on the video ad. It includes tracking the number of video viewers, number of viewers who viewed it from start to end, number of viewers who skipped, etc. This will be much help on diagnosing the popularity of the video ad.

  • Template Library Support

    Choose your style

    Users can choose their own template with the available library or we can instantly work out template based on user requirement. This will benefit the user to customize their screens based on line of business.

Ads on online videos -various formats, various methods all possible here.

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Why Choose this

  • One Time Cost.
  • In-Stream Video Ads - Supports Linear Ads and Non-linear Ads.
  • Contextual Targeting.
  • Revenue Reporting.

Ad formats

Supports VAST compliance ad formats like overlay and inline - pre-roll,mid-roll,post-roll and companion video ad formats.

dJAX Display and Mobile Ad Server

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