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dJAX offers you complete video adserver solution for advertisers and publishers

dJAX video ad server is an independent and user-friendly platform with interactive video ad formats and robust features designed to manage the advertisements of all platforms suitable for advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies. Accurate targeting and Explicit reporting to deliver your ads to desired customers and provide the performance data of each delivered video advertisement. Faster payment systems and instantaneous alerts to reduce the complexity of video ad serving.


Video Adformats

Targeting Features

Fraud Clicks Detection

Graphical and Analytical Reports

Payment System




  • Pre roll, mid roll and post roll
  • Companion banner support
  • Skippable video ads
  • Delivery methods: Progressive (HTTP), streaming (RTMP), and third party vast tag
  • Supportive video players: JW player, HTML and Flow player
  • Video ad pods, VAST wrapper ads, ad pod wrapper ads

Ad formats

Optimize your video quality by combining the ad formats of IAB VAST1.0, VAST 2.0, and VAST 3.0. Companion banner with expandable height and width, third party click tracking URL, house ads and flash creative support.

dJAX Video Ad Server



  • Companion banner support
  • Configurable ad duration
  • Expandable video player support
  • Skippable video ads
  • Delivery methods: Progressive (HTTP), streaming (RTMP), and third party VAST tag.
  • Supportive video players: JW player and flow player


Geographical Targeting

  • Advertiser can target the right audience based on: Countries

OS Targeting

  • The advertisements are delivered according to the OS defined by the advertiser.

Time Targeting

  • The advertiser can deliver the ads on the selected time period.

Browser Targeting

  • The advertiser can deliver the ads according to the browser.


The advertiser can avoid the redundant ad impressions by defining the required impressions to be made on the advertisement for an hour. Fraud detection restricts the frequent clicks made by unauthorized users on the advertiser ads and prevents needless payments. Unique clicks and impressions track and notify the count of new users who saw the ad for the first time.


Get instantaneous statistics of campaign based on geography, environment, websites, and ad blocks. Know the performance of your video creatives with our clear insights and explicit values. Faster accessibility with date, campaign, sites, and many other sorting options.

  • Advertiser: campaign and creative report
  • Publisher: site and ad block
  • Geographic report
  • Environment performance
  • Overview report
  • Campaign report
  • Creative report
  • Geographic report
  • Video analytics report
  • Overview report
  • Geographic
  • Sites report
  • Ad block report


dJAX Video ad server holds the reports of paid data, income, and invoice information. Find the overall revenue and spend details in a single report and manage your budget. All user payments are handled by prepaid systems of PayPal and wire services.

Ads on online videos -various formats, various methods all possible here.

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