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Empowered Programmatic Ad Exchange Platform


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About the Company

MaxxRTB, the US-based Adtech giant, with a keen focus on mobile, viewability, programmatic and real-time bidding advertisements is towing the Adtech industry towards the future with innovations in delivering engaging creatives. An ideal place to monetize mobile applications and websites by delivering advertisements in the right device at the right time. With full-on access to manage mobile, display, video and viewability ad campaigns, MaxxRTB is the perfect place for advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks if they are looking to improve their revenue graph. The programmatic ad exchange platform provides advanced options to handle ad buying and selling. Also, the involved parties have access to quintessential reports with real-time data to manage their ad inventory and billing. MaxxRTB surpasses the standard Adtech operation and delivers staggering results for every ad campaign.

Business Requirement – dJAX Enterprise Package

Simple yet unparalleled online advertising, dJAX offers a superlative experience in the digital advertising platform with an enhanced solution to suit every business needs. Marketers and publishers are provided with efficient plugins to handle ad exchanges without any hassle. Smooth and hassle-free experience guaranteed with advanced solutions to deliver engaging creatives that can influence the audience. The programmatic ad exchange platform is one such embedded with pioneering technology for delivering impactful campaigns. Simple installation and integration to soar above the ordinary in terms of ad exchanges.

Solution with dJAX Enterprise Package


Serving ads to mobile or websites, dJAX takes care of platform compatibility and deliver creatives that load at a lightning pace with all the elements of advanced rich media. This enables advanced tracking methods on the different platform used as per industry standards. MRAID is one such standard. The platform favours all the IAB supported ad formats inclusive of mobile, video and display. An ideal solution for marketers and publishers who looking to intensify their ad campaigns and amplify the efficiency of delivering ad campaigns.
Display Ad formats - Image, HTML, Text, Flash, Inline Video, Overlay video.
Mobile Ad formats - Basic ( Image & Text), MRAID ( Expand Reveal ), Interstitial, IAB Rising Star, Full Page, Adhesion, Pull Creative, Slider Creative, Filmstrip creative, Inline video, Overlay video.
Advertisers are benefitted a great deal from a single dashboard that can manage the entire campaign accompanied by detailed reporting features and transparent track metrics. A centralized place for managing all campaigns on the ad server, this can improve Return of Invest for advertisers and publishers. To put it simply, an efficient platform to deliver the right campaign to the right audience. A point to emphasise is, the platform not only allows detailed tracking but it aids publishers in creating special ad formats with accurate reports with real-time data. It allows any adjustments to be made as the campaign progresses.

Additional advantage with Custom Add-on

  • viewable impressionViewable Impression- Precise “Human” impressions

One of the biggest muddle faced by advertisers in the industry is the counting impressions. With ever-increasing bots in the digital landscape, the task of counting impression has become next to impossible. Counting impressions without taking viewability into account means that advertisers are paying for impressions that are not viewed by humans, therefore it results in a ton of ad wastage. With “Viewable Impressions” an advanced solution is provided to handle the impression issue, with superior metrics and tracking measures it is now simple to capture how many impressions are valid. This feature allows advertisers to deliver more precise campaign based [on the ad performance. The move from impressions served to impressions viewed clearly indicates that ad placement and ad performance are important metrics for publishers to maximize their ad revenue.

  • Our Solution: A flawless solution by dJAX allows tracking of impressions that are actually viewed by users, this allows advertisers to pay for ads that are actually viewed by valid users thereby reducing ad wastage. This led to 4X higher lift conversions with viewable display ads across the ad network.

  • cross campaign  Cross Campaign

The increasing use of mobile gadgets has strengthened the need for campaigns that can perform in both mobile devices and desktop devices. With the ever-increasing use of the mobile device, the need elevated quickly. Ad campaigns that do wonders for mobile browsers and mobile applications along with desktop browsers. It can totally eliminate the need for duplicating the campaigns to suit different devices that deliver the campaign to the right audience.

  • Our Solution: cross campaign delivers the desired result by delivering single campaigns efficiently for all the devices in the digital ecosystem. There is no need for advertisers to spend time and resource to create two same campaigns for different devices. Also, by adding a targeting feature to the campaign there will be a definite improvement in the reach and engagement of the campaign. Added targeting sections and optimizing campaigns will aid the industry is a number of ways and can deliver enhanced campaigns on mobile, display and video irrespective of the device.

  • group targetingGroup Targeting

Time is the essence of delivering perfect creatives to the appropriate audience while delivering each campaign it is the responsibility of advertisers to set targeting option and setting targeting option for every individual is a hugely time-consuming task. This leads to considerable delays in delivering ad campaigns thereby shrinking the performance of each ad campaigns.

  • Our Solution: An extremely practical and innovative solution by dJAX is “Group Targeting”, the next level targeting. A well-planned feature that can aid in reusing the previous targeting parameters to improve the speed of campaign activities for mobile, video and display. The targeting functionalities can be grouped and saved as a new feature for further targeting functions. This allows advertisers to create campaigns and assign the existing target group and deliver campaign easily and effectively by making use of the previously set targeted feature. This feature supports by delivering campaigns at a quick pace accompanied by better results.

  • copy campaignCopy Campaign

Whenever a new campaign is created there are certain parameters that can be made use of from the previous campaigns, such as keywords, ad groups, and existing ads. Instead of creating new parameters every time for a campaign, reusability feature can be employed that can save a ton of time and effort for all the campaigns. This provides advertisers to concentrate on other imperative tasks at hand with the reduced time for delivering campaigns.

  • Our Solution: Copy campaign allows advertisers to copy parameters from previous campaigns and reuse it for the next campaign. This saves time and resources for advertisers and the new campaign will be delivered with the same structure and target setting similar to that of the original campaign. Time and resource minimized with maximum results.

  • DSP PluginDSP Plugin

The growth of technology has increased the requirement of a programmatic solution to increase benefits obtained from a number of impressions. Selling creatives in real time will enable advertisers with better visibility of individual impressions thereby allowing a peek inside advertising demand. Placing the publisher inventory on an external network will assist in an auction to be carried out for every advertisement. By this method there will be no hassle and every ad space will be sold to the highest bidder.

  • Our Solution: Advertisers are connected directly with the integrated SSP exchange; this will enable access to advanced programmatic tools for coherent inventory allocation and money management while allocating ad space. Moreover, this provides excellent reports to track back the performance of every individual ad campaigns in real time. Every ad space from the publisher will be sold for the highest bidder, providing optimization of ad spaces. This dJAX solution totally avoids the probability of a single ad space being sold to a large number of buyers.

  • SSP  SSP Platform

How to maximize publisher performance? Improving the selling price of an impression is a vast task at hand. External DSPs are integrated to buy the available inventory space. A suitable path must be available for publishers to connect with multiple ad exchanges and DSPs simultaneously. It will increase the number of potential buyers to take hold of the ad space through auction, providing the publisher with the highest price possible for their ad space. To amplify the revenue graph of a publisher, their ad space must be opened to auction for a number of buyers at the same time.

  • Our Solution: With dJAX SSP solution it is simple to connect with DSP exchanges, the perfect plugin to manage operation between numerous networks and ad buyers. Apart from opening the floor for numerous ad space buyers, SSP allows publishers to set “price floors” that set a minimum price limit for the ad space. This can be sold through specific channels or to specific buyers.

  • MediationMediation

Even though there is an efficient operating platform on both the demand and supply end, the fundamental task of bridging the two sides always remained a challenge. The eminent connection between DSP and SSP ensuring the best available ads to fill the slots available, the task of humongous importance as it can rapidly increase the revenue and optimize the ad inventory. An unparallel mediation is mandatory for a healthy connection between DSPs and SSPs in OpenRTB so all connected DSPs get bid request from all SSPs.

  • Our Solution: A solution for the future, dJAX mediation plugin works wonders. It organises contrasting ad networks under a single roof and all the operations are carried out with total transparency and access to all the demand sources, all under one place, a centralized platform. There will be no need for a direct connection between the advertiser and publisher. Ad monetization is not a problem anymore, as dJAX mediation plugin provides the best control over the selling of ad inventory. Once the suitable sizes get matched the highest bidder will be provided with the ad space. It is a win-win situation; revenue for publishers will increase, advertisers get high-quality impressions from the targeted audience.