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Ad formats

Deliver a wide range of ad formats such as such as inline ads, overlay ads, companion ads and much more with the dJAX video adserver platform using different delivery methods that include Progressive(HTTP), Streaming(RMTP) and Third party VAST tag. dJAX video adserver equipped with the unique HLS feature offers uninterrupted video streaming even during poor data connection. The video ad formats are delivered through player that support the delivery such as JW player, HTML player and Flow player.

Inline/ Linear Ad

Linear video ads are the ads, typically in video format that interrupt streaming video content much like a TV commercial. They can play before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the streaming content. Linear ad formats can be accompanied by a companion ad, or they can include an interactive component.

Overlay/ Non-linear Ad

This type of video ads runs simultaneously with the video content, usually in the form of an interactive banner ad in an overlay. Clicking on these ads generally pauses the content and either a full player ad is shown or the user is taken to an advertiser’s website. The Ad duration can be configured as per requirement.

Companion Ads

Companion Ads are served with Linear or Nonlinear ads, but are displayed outside the video player. They can serve as a leave-behind on the page after the video ad has ended and enables an engaging experience to the user. A Companion Ad is commonly displayed as a standard banner or rich media ad, but can also be a skin that wraps the video ad experience.


Performance tracking

Performance tracking

Track all performance related parameters of ad campaigns across the platform

Precise targeting

Precise targeting

Target by location, OS, Socio-demography, browser, time and many more aspects

Adaptive Streaming(HLS)

Adaptive Streaming(HLS)

Uninterrupted video streaming even at times of bad connectivity

Stats & Reports

Stats & Reports

Most interactive and user-friendly dashboards to record, monitor, and analyse the data

Compliant with IAB

Compliant with IAB

Compliant with the guidelines and also serve ad format standards defined by the IAB

Video Tracking

Video tracking events

  • Mute/Unmute
  • Accept Invitation
  • First quartile
  • Full screen/Exit
  • Linear
  • Midpoint
  • Expand/collapse
  • Close Linear
  • Third quartile
  • Create View
  • Skip progress
  • Complete
  • Accept Invitation
  • Rewind
  • Resume
  • Close
  • Resume

Third party tracking events

  • Click tracking
  • Custom tracking
  • Companion click tracking
  • on-linear click tracking

VAST provides a common protocol that enables ad servers to use a single ad response format across multiple publishers/video players. It is designed for any on-demand video player where the ad response is parsed prior to play.
Supported versions:
  • VAST 1.0
  • VAST 2.0
  • VAST 3.0
  • VAST 4.0
VPAID (Video Player Ad-Interface Definition) provides interactions between ad units and video players. VPAID focus on providing a rich and interactive in-stream ad experience. The user interaction data get reported on the viewed ad.
Supported versions:
  • VPAID 1
  • VPAID 2
Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP) enables video content owners to have control over the ad inventory displayed with their content. VMAP allows the content owner to define the ad breaks within their content that includes the time for each break, number of breaks available, the type of ads and the number of ads allowed in each break
There is no vast response or ads from video network; we should return internal vast ads. There are no internal vast ads; return internal third-party ads get displayed. If there are no internal third-party ads, then it returns fallback ads.


  • Frequency Capping

    The advertiser has the option to define the count of impressions per hour.

  • Browser Targeting

    Target the users of a specific browser they use like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

  • Geographic Targeting

    Target users of specific locations like city, state, country, etc

  • OS Targeting

    Target the users of a particular OS both on computer and mobile like Windows, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux, etc.

  • Time Targeting

    The ad is delivered to users at a particular time of the day considering a dynamic time zone.

  • Social-demographic Targeting

    Target users who fall under a particular segment like age, gender, ethnicity, language, etc.

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HLS to enhance video creatives

Video streaming without any buffering interruption is what HLS is all about. Irrespective of the internet connection speed best quality video is by HLS using adaptive bitrate. High definition video sent by advertiser can be played to the end user in spite of bad internet connectivity. When the user encounters a “dead zone” in which their quality of service declines. So during that period if an advertiser sends high definition video to a user, it will buffer without playing. HLS player can detect this decline in bandwidth and begin delivering lower-quality video chunks at this time. HLS streaming reduces buffering, stuttering, and other problems. A perfect feature for amplifying the impact of video creatives. Whenever there is bad internet connectivity there is high chance of false impression count without the user seeing the ads. This can be totally avoided with the aid of HLS feature, as the speciality is to deliver uninterrupted video creatives even during bad internet times.

Stats & Reporting

Get accurate and instant statistics of campaign based on geography, environment, websites, and ad engagement. Use our clear insights and explicit values to know the performance of your video ads, also includes a bunch of sorting options.

  • Overview Report
  • Campaign/Creative Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Video Analytics Report
  • Advertiser: Campaign and Creative Report
  • Publisher: Site and Ad Block Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Environment Performance Report
  • Overview Report
  • Geographic Report
  • Sites Report
  • Ad Block Report