What is ad server?

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What is ad server?

Ad Server is a Technology that deliver ads to Online Internet users via websites, e-mail, ad-supported software, text messaging and Internet-enabled mobile phones. Internet advertising companies act as a middleman between the advertiser and the Internet venues that display the ads. They sell the online campaign to the advertisers and then deliver the ads to the sites that display them. The site owners receive a royalty based on the number of times users view/click the ads.


  • Uploading ads & Trafficking ads based on set criteria.
  • Targeting ads to different users
  • Optimization campaigns based on results.
  • Reporting impressions, clicks, post-click & post-impression activities, and interaction metrics.
  • Frequency capping so users only see messages a limited amount of time.
  • Sequencing ads so users see messages in a specific order.
  • Excluding competition so users do not see competitors' ads directly next to one another.

Targeting and Optimization

Ad serving technology helps in optimizing bid prices, placement, targeting, or other characteristics. Few significant methods include: Behavioural Targeting - Using a profile of prior behaviour on the part of the viewer to determine which ad to show during a given visit. For example, targeting car ads on a portal to a viewer that was known to have visited the automotive section of a general media site.Contextual Targeting – Have the optimum ad placement from information contained on the page where the ad is being served. For example, placing Music ads automatically on a page with a music ad article.