Case Studies

 Case Studies/Cross campaign

Cross Campaign does the work with enhanced performance in both mobile and web campaigns

Customer challenge

The US-based Adtech Company, MaxxRTB, is an exceptional organisation with concentrated effort towards mobile, viewability, programmatic and real-time bidding advertisements. They provide a great platform in the Adtech environment for mobile applications and websites. MaxxRTB provides all the involved parties with access to the ad network to manage their mobile, video, display and viewability campaigns. The increasing use of mobile gadgets has proven to difficulty in concentrating campaigns in both mobile and web browsers. When a campaign is designed for web browsers, mobile devices may have some issues in loading web images and text and vice versa. An issue that needs to be addressed immediately, for MaxxRTB deals with both mobile and web browser campaigns. The reach and impact of campaigns started to dip when the issue was on the table.

dJAX Solution

A tailored solution by dJAX provided the relief that MaxxRTB was looking for, better audience experience with the aid of the Cross Campaign increased the audience response and conversion by many folds. A perfect solution that allowed publishers to deliver user relatable creative on both mobile and web browsers, by managing text and images for both the campaigns. With the aid of cross campaign, it is simpler to achieve zone rendered campaign results. Depending on the device that is used for rendering the website, both mobile and web campaigns will be delivered accordingly. An individual campaign will have both mobile and web-based targeting and the same can be delivered according to the devices the campaign is delivered. A simple configuration can deliver engaging creative to both mobile and web browsers that can prove to be a great help in achieving the desired campaign results.

Real-time results

Stats of MaxxRTB after the implementation of dJAX cross campaign clearly showed better Return of Investment for every campaign that was delivered after the cross campaign. This allowed the organisation to reach the right user at the right time through the right device. The proper reach of every ad campaign helped in increasing the number of potential customers. Amplified engagement in terms of both mobile and web browsers is guaranteed.