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Bid Modifiers improves performance by cutting ineffective spending

Customer Challenge

MaxxRTB, the US-based Adtech giant, has a keen focus on mobile, viewability, programmatic and real-time bidding advertisements. This structure provides a great opportunity for mobile applications and websites to monetize in the Adtech environment by allowing all the involved parties in the ad network to manage their mobile, display, video and viewability campaigns. While the campaigns are placed across, there are certain bidding changes that must be incorporated for bidding procedures, but their alteration must not affect the entire process. Usual bidding process must be carried on with changes depending upon certain conditions like location and demography.

dJAX Solution

Bid modifiers, a powerful tool for cutting down expenses while targeting the right audience, MaxxRTB witness the change and enhancement provided by Bid modifier. With the aid of dJAX Bid modifier, it is now a simple process to target a specific publisher based on the geographical location. It is now a simple process to increase or decrease your bids for better efficiency. An efficient tool that works in a simplest of ways, MaxxRTB was also able to target individuals who are more likely to convert in the group with the aid of Bid modifiers, to be accurate, the use of positive and negative bid modification will perform the function of targeting individuals among the group. It also proved to be an effective tool for MaxxRTB by providing a loose leash on the internet based bid modification.

Real-time results

Bid modifier, from dJAX adserver, boosted MaxxRTB’s revenue graph. Adjustable bids according to the location played a crucial role in improving the graph. With the aid of stats, it is clearly proven that Bid modifiers are the best way to approach programmatic performance. Relatively easy to track and analyse campaigns with more emphasize performance. Easy to allocate higher budget for better performing campaigns in any geographical locations. Budget is ensured with better, efficiently performing campaigns. Efficient campaign optimization in a more streamlined and fair price.

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